Port marina of Andrano♛

Port of Torre Vado ♜


The origins of Andrano can be traced back to the attacks of the Vandals and Barbarians in the 5th century. Many villages were annihilated on this occasion. Among these there was the Feronzo farmhouse first and then Cellino, from whose ashes the current urban settlement was born. The town took the name of Andrano in honor of Sant'Andrea who was elected patron saint of fishermen. Various lords succeeded one another in possession of the castle and the land of the Andrano fiefdom: Pietro De Curla, the Rossi family, the De Castelli, the Sambiasi, the Capece, the Del Balzo Orsini, Micheletto Hugot, the Saraceno, the Spinola, the Gallone, the Caracciolos with Ippolita and Laura Caracciolo. In the town there is a 15th century watchtower called Torre Porto di Ripa or simply Torre Di Andrano. Only that part of it remains that was once the cistern.

In the municipality of Morciano di Leuca, in the locality of the same name, stands Torre Vado. The coastal watchtower was built in the 16th century by Charles V to defend the Salento territory from the invasions of Saracen pirates. The watchtower is located on the coast a few meters from the sea and is currently surrounded by some buildings built in more recent times. Due to its proximity to the town of Salve it was used as a Cavallara tower. The circular-based tower is spread over two floors and has windows and slits in the upper part. It is served by an access staircase. With the disarmament of the coastal towers, which took place around 1846 on the orders of Ferdinand II, King of the Two Sicilies, the tower was used as a customs control station. In 1930 it was purchased by private individuals and in 1935 it was restored.